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APRIL 2, 2019

I'm baaackkkkk! Back & thankfully doing better. 2018 was my "get my ish together" year. Just really working on myself and building my business. Oh yeah, I started a business in 2018 & its truly made me a hustler on a whole new level. I've been enjoying sharing my life as a business owner and just showing the everyday person that they can do it too, but by taking the right steps of course. Also, got more serious about my YouTube channel in 2018 and tripled my subscribers & hitting 3 millions views on my channel.. like mind blowing! I honestly don't know where this social media career is taking me but I will continue to put God first because people really be out here trying me lol but I've been enjoying being a positive influencer in this crazy world we live in. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week & if you haven't already SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel. Love ya! #LivSquad 

DECEMBER 29, 2017

So back here again! I think for my 2018 New Years Resolution I want to start blogging more as well as Vlogging (YouTube). I want to be more transparent with you guys & really share my ups/downs on my fitness journey. Showing you guys that not everything is perfect or easy when it comes to shedding those pounds. So I'm holding myself accountable all 2018 & hope to look back over my year of progress & be satisfied with where I am. 2017 has been THE worst year ever, from losing my  grandma to moving back across the country.. It's definitely build me into a stronger woman. Let's hope for an amazing year & I'm optimistic/excited to see what's in store for 2018! 

oh & yes your girl got a vlogging camera, backdrop & everything since my last post so baby steps but my YouTube channel is finally starting to grow so I'm happy :) 

OCTOBER 28, 2017

It's been waaaaaaaaay over due for a new blog post but life has been so crazy (in a good way) these past few months. From moving back to Virginia from Los Angeles (got a better job in D.C. that paid x2 more :) so had to jump on that) to expanding my fitness horizon on all my social media accounts, even including a new YouTuber page that so many of you asked me to make forever ago. So I've been more active lately on my YouTube more so vlogs but I'm currently weighing out my options so I can get a nice vlogging camera not only for my vlogs but for more workout videos as well :) This year started out shaky (with the death of my grandma) but it's finally turning around for the better & ya girl has ZERO complaints! I'm traveling a lot more now & living life happily. I'll be posting my first ever Story time (by request) on my channel this coming week! It'll be a juicy one..

JUNE 1, 2017

It's been waaaaaay to long since 3 I've last posted on here but just know I'm still alive! haha Updates about my fitness journey, if you follow me on Snapchat you'd know that I kind of fell off the grid with my exercising meaning I didn't work out for like 7 weeks which is not normal for me but I really needed to focus on other parts of my life that was going on & re-branding myself as a person. I've finally made a YouTube channel, took me a whole year but finally got around to making time to do so Just search me "Olivia Shanks" I'll be adding more fitness Vlogs, workouts, & Q&A videos for you guys. Oh & today is my 2 year FITVERSARY! woot woot! Hard to believe I started my journey 24 months ago on this day not knowing it would lead me to so much more than just losing weight but becoming a personal trainer & creating an awesome website where I can help others reach their fitness goals. Its such a wonderful feeling & I'm blessed to have been led to my calling of doing so. I'll definitely be more active now that summer is around the corner & I have a lot of cool ideas I want to share with you all, so stay posted & follow my social medias! You don't want to miss out :)

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FEBRUARY 9, 2017

So first things first my January challenge was probably my most successful weight loss stories yet (out of the 5 I've held so far) & I'm sooo proud of all my challengers pretty much reaching their monthly goal that they set for themselves. Lately I've been working on a lot of different collaborations with different brands & fitness peeps. Can't go in to detail about everything quite yet (still a lot to finish & finalize) but I am excited to bring new things to my site. Tis the season of love, hope everyone enjoy their Valentine's day.

JANUARY 28, 2017

THREE more days to sign up for my February challenge! I don't know when I'll have time to host another challenge, probably  around June-July. So update about my fitness journey: I'm solely focused on learning proper weightlifting form & I'm really liking my transition from heavy cardio to weights. It's completely different, plus I'm not as sweaty while working out lol. I'm all about GAINSSSSS this year! Trying to get my summer body right so I can experience wearing a bikini for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! So I'm not focused on the scale or if I'm losing weight anymore but just going off how I look & feel in my own skin. Toning & tightening my body is my year goal! Oh yeah, I'll probably be posting a Q&A video on my Youtube here soon so I can go more in depth about some of the most common questions I get asked. A lot of exciting new projects to come this spring!! Other than that, hope you all have a blessed & wonderful weekend! TGIF!


JANUARY 22, 2017

So life has been hectic for me these past 3 weeks into the new year. I lost my grandmother & have been dealing with family issues. But now that everything is finally winding down & I'm getting back on track, time to talk about what's to come for SlimThick Fitness!By popular demand, I've decided to host a new challenge for next month! Top 3 will receive $100! I like adding incentives to my challenges, it gives people more of a push to keep going & who doesn't want free money for losing weight righttttt?! But yeah, besides a new challenge I'll be taking my certs to finish up my personal training this spring! I'm super excited about that :) I have started a new Youtube page, still learning how to use it but feel free to follow the page (look up Olivia Shanks) & I'll be posting my fitness journey there & answering more Q&A!


JANUARY 8, 2017

Hey ladies & gents!

So I've been up all night adding & tweaking my workout programs & I can finally say.. I AM HAPPY! :) I just finished writing my eBook (which took me half the day to write, I'm so detailed) but it's finally done & I'm excited to hear your feedback. So my eBook literally covers everything I've learned throughout my weight loss journey from eating habits to loving my body. I didn't hold anything back & shared all my Do's & Don'ts when it comes to losing weight. It's very personalized so I hope you guys find it very informative, it had me going down memory lane while writing it :) It's so crazy to think I've lost almost half of my body in 16 months! If you would've told me this 2 years ago I would call you a liar, crazy how life works but I honestly feel like fitness is my passion. I went from dreading a workout to wanting to help people get healthy & fit. That's why I'm pursuing becoming a personal trainer this year along side being on my own fitness journey. I'm not perfect nor will I ever want to be, I love my flaws & all. My weight loss journey showed me that it's okay to love myself no matter what society thinks of me, what my friends/family think of me, but it's like a new found love for Self-Love. It's 1 am & 9 hours later.. I'm still working on workout plans, I haven't complained or gotten bored yet.. that's how I know that I LOVE what I do & being able to help one person is enough for me.  Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Stay Blessed!


JANUARY 2, 2017

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my website! So I'm super excited to take my fitness to new heights! I've been so blessed to have the opportunity to share my journey with people all over the world. I'll be starting a Youtube account in 2017 to document my journey more & share my workout insights. Until then, I'll be posting workout videos on my FB fitness page (Facebook.com/Slimthickfitness01) So a little about myself...

I'm 24 years old, from a small town called Front Royal, Virginia. I currently reside in Los Angeles. I'm a Radford university graduate (BBA Marketing/Minor Communications). I do want to pursue a career into my field that I got my degree in but also want to venture out my passion for fitness. My 2017 goals is to continue to expand my fitness lifestyle into a brand & officially become a certified personal trainer! 

I'm currently -104lbs since June 1, 2015

For Brand promotions/Inquiries -Email Olivia@slimthick.fitness