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April 2019 UPDATE:

Heyyyyyyy guys! Long time, no see to say the least :) Hope all is well! Crazy to think my last blog post on here I was at 9K subscribers now we just recently hit 43K Liv Squad members! Y'all are so dope & I appreciate all my real ones for rocking with me. If you haven't been keeping up on my channel, I just recently announced that I wanted to dedicate more time to blogging. I just feel like I can share so much more on here & just really express how I feel whenever.. so stay tuned for more content to come & launching my blogging career (sorta kinda lol) love you guys! 

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January 2018 UPDATE:

If you haven't noticed, ya girl is super consistent with YouTube now! Shout out to you guys for helping me reach a new milestone of 9,300 subbies!! I'm forever grateful for you guys & just supporting my journey. Excited to drop merch this spring for you guys so stay tuned! :) Also, my editing skills is slowly getting better still a lot to learn but I'm loving the YouTube journey. I've finally learned how to make decent thumbnails lol & check out my cool banner I made, not too shabby huh?! Anyways, ON THE JOURNEY TO 10K!!! 



Okay you guys!! So I've been on my YouTube kick for about 6 months now, crazy to look back & see that I only had 10 subbies back then now I'm about to hit 4,000 subbbies! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who supports my lifestyle & hope that I've been able to help as many people as possible to reach their fitness goals. Super excited to see how this channel will grow over the months coming into the new year.  Until next time, don't forget to subscribe! :)



Hello everyone! So I finally got started on that Youtube channel that I was starting last summer (oops) but now I made time to post content & answer the questions you guys have been waiting for! Feel free to check out my channel! Leave comments, subscribe, like or email/DM me questions or video ideas for upcoming videos this summer. Finally hit my first 10 subscribers! woot woot! :

Love Y'all!